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a study on investigation - room6 - / 

video /

33min., color, silent /

2015-16 /

This piece is a documentary video of a studio life for a year by a fixed-point observation of a surveillance camera.

Set up a surveillance camera so that the center of the room of H7 x W22 x D14 feet will be the center of the camera.
The video is about 100 times faster than the normal speed and the one-year recording is edited in 33 minutes.
The cut that occurs in video is a combination of 3 minute images randomly extracted due to an accidental error.

Just living in a prepared circumstances.
This video is clipping out "meaningless actions", “usual actions" from my life.
This piece has become my portrait by showing "my unconscious aspect" that I don't know.



H4.3 x W6.7 x D2.1m (H14 x W22 x D7ft)の縦長な部屋の中心がカメラの中心になるように4台の監視カメラを設置


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