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Modernology Restoration - plate -

found object / 

size available /

porcelain /

2019 /

I found about 300 pieces of plates that had been discarded on the abandoned railroad tracks. As a result of the restoration, the pieces turned out to be 11 plates, and all pieces were numbered by plate.

One piece that was close to the original form was kept, and displayed them together where they were found.




Modernology Restoration - Lumber - 

Found Object /

72 x 0.5 x 0.75inch /

Wood /

2020 /

When restoring historical art or historical artifacts, different materials are deliberately used so that future generations will be able to identify the areas that have been restored.

In this work, I removed the splinters from a scratched pine wooden stick that had been discarded in a garbage dump and restored scratch with color-matched resin wax for wood repair.

This restoration is not visually apparent. At first glance, it looks like just a brand-new wooden stick, but after a few years, when the wood discolors with age, this piece will show the difference in color between the wax and the wood.





Modernology Restoration - Aluminum frame -

Found Object /

4 x 1 x1inch /

Aluminum  /

2020 /

Factories that mass produce are discharging a lot of garbage of same shape in the process.

I found a large number of offcuts that made during adjusting the length of the frame from the aluminum frame factory.

In this work, I predict original shape of the frame from the offcuts and repair by piecing together a number of small pieces of same shape.

This restoration is possible only with trash from ready-made products that are mass-produced in the same shape.




Modernology Restoration - Key -

Found Object /
2 x 1 inch, 8 x 11 inch /
Iron, ink-jet print /
2020 /


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