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Reproduction - house -

found object / 

size available /

architectural model, photography /

2018 /

I found about 50 aerial photographs that were taken in different seasons for a certain area. By composing and comparing each photograph, I was able to clarify the location of each element. I also predicted the structure of one of the buildings in the photos and made a 1/100 model of it by referring to the typical American barn.



Reproduction - fence -

found object / 

5 x 5 x 132inch /

wood /

2020 /

Reproducing the same form and condition leads to a deeper observation of the thing itself.

I discovered an unstable fence that had been accidentally destroyed and crudely repaired. Then I made an exact replica of the fence by tracing its size, distortion, scratches, nails and wires, and replaced it in the exact same location.

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