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Modernology Excavation - hole -

found object / 

2m x 2m x 2m /

soil /

2017 /

In archaeology, a number of 2x2x2m hole are dug as a preliminary survey at the site where the excavation is to take place.

If traces of life in the period are found in the holes, full-scale excavation is carried out.

In this work, I dug a perfect 2x2x2m hole by smoothing the surface of the hole and making the angle exactly right.



Modernology Excavation - floor -

found object / 

4 x 8ft /

photography /

2020 /

The fact that covered, it's the sign that there’s something underneath that someone wants to hide.

In this work, I removed the plywood from the floor and removed the sediments that had stuck to the old floor, as the excavation. 

A full-size photographic record of the floor and the preservation of the removed sediments are the components of this work.




before_fin 2.jpg
Modernology Excavation - clamp -

found object / 

3 x 3 x 8inch /

iron /

2020 /

A lot of flotsam is deposited on the beach, and many of them are deformed by erosion caused by sunlight, salt, and sand.

In this work, to the unidentified lumps of sand that I found on the beach, I remove the attached sand and excess rust, being careful not to damage the core itself, as excavation.




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