Exhibition dates: Monday, Sep 30, 2019
Hours: 1-4pm
Location: 210 46th street #210, Brooklyn, NY

On September 30th, from 1-4 pm Takayuki Matsuo will hold an exhibition that invites viewers to see a preserved section of daily life. 


The past three exhibitions were held in outdoor locations and the for this final presentation Matsuo invites viewers into his studio where he will present objects from previous exhibitions alongside objects that he found during the residency period. Matsuo worked to "preserve" the items on display by using conservation materials and enacting actions that are typically used for the preservation of artwork and valuables with each action ruled by this question: “What is functional and beautiful preservation?”


 #4, PRESERVATION is part of  Project Ephemeral, a series of four one-day exhibitions held between June and September 2019 in non-white cube locations such as abandoned buildings, streets of New York, roadsides and vacant lots. Following a set of self-assigned rules, Matsuo investigates, cleans, restores, preserves, and archives "the modest thing that is already in there". Matsuo does not claim these actions as artistic ones but as every day gestures that viewers who happen to be on the spot will interpret as a mirage or a total solar eclipse.

Rule of "ephemeral"
1."Ephemeral" is a one-day exhibition held each month.
2. This project is referring to archaeological methods such as investigation, cleaning, restoration and preservation.
3.This project will use a place that not used as general exhibition such as abandoned place, roadside and so on.
4.However, last exhibition will be shown in my studio space, I will exhibit things that are not usually exhibited such as packaged artwork, state of

preservation and so on.
5.Each exhibition will be held in a specific area.
6.I will exhibit the objects that I found in the area.
7.I will exhibit the objects at the same place where I found them.

Exhibition 1 [ - Investigation - ] 30th June, 2019

Exhibition 2 [ - Cleaning - ] end of July, 2019
Exhibition 3 [ - Restoration - ] end of August, 2019

Exhibition 4 [ - Preservation - ] end of September, 2019

* After finishing all exhibitions, an archive will be issued.

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