a study on arrangement - wood block and light - / 配置に関する研究 木片と照明

installation /

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pain wood /

2016 /

This piece is 216 pieces of wood arranged in a grid pattern on a higher position than the usual art exhibition.

There ware two interior lighting originally installed on the ceiling of the room that has 14 feet white wall.
The first wood pieces were placed at positions where the shadow appeared equally by ceiling light, and 216 pieces of wood were arranged in a grid pattern based on the first one.
I reused the already used wood.
Avoid screw holes, each piece of wood has been cut at right angles. Therefore, the wood pieces becomes a rectangular parallelepiped that the lengths are slightly different from each other.

This piece use "usual act" of "remove dirty parts", "modify the shape", "arrange neatly" as production method.
And this piece becomes a device for thinking about "exhibit according to the environment".



既に木片についている汚れやネジ穴を避け切断、直角に研磨。 よって、それぞれがわずかに長さの異なる直方体の木片となる。



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