a study on natural artifact / 

found object / 

size available /

plastic, iron, aluminum, glass, wood, rubber, etc. /

2008 - /

This piece is a "collection and recording of natural artifacts" that I am doing as my own life-work.
And it is a project to find value and significance from "natural artifact" on the street.

I deal with "almost unmodified object from original state that picked up from the street" as the finished artwork.
"Natural artifacts" is the thing had changed from beneficial for human beings to what seems to be unnecessary artifact.
Besides, they are naturalized by losing their original function, and they are impossible to keep their original shape due to aging and external factors.

As a method of recording,

list the object size, weight, location, and selected year.
Record the latitude and longitude of where the object was found in the map "google earth".
Refer to the Isometric projection of the architectural drawing and take a picture at an angle of 45 degrees.

This piece is an experiment to ask the possibility that so-called "garbage" can have artistic value.






オブジェクトが見つかった場所の緯度経度をマップ "google earth"に記録。

この作品「自然人工物の研究・a study on natural artifact」からの発見を元に私の全ての作品は展開している。