a study on analogy - margin - / 

photograph /

a4 size x 9 /

ink jet print /

2017 /

The reason why ”the white cube is white” is to exclude other elements so that the artwork is easy to see.
The margin is indispensable to show the artwork in contemporary art.
And the existence of margin is "sign” that artwork is there.

This time I created a piece with a structure opposite to that of a typical exhibition.
This piece is a photograph of the state where the margin is at the center.

"A white sign-board in the landscape" and "a photograph of the landscape in the White Cube" are the opposite state.
When the audience recognizes the existence of the margin, how does the surrounding landscape appear?

In order the audience to recognizes "the existence of the margin", I took photographs of the installation view of the signboard including the surrounding situation.


ホワイトキューブは、作品の周りに「何もない」    ことで作品を見えやすくしている。
街の中に「余白がある」       という状態。